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Social Media Marketing Overview

Social media marketing can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy when implemented and deployed well. But social media goes beyond marketing.

Much like communications have evolved from nice to have “cell phones” to it being expected that you’re reachable anytime anywhere – social media to has evolved. From a cool place to keep up with friends, social media has evolved to marketing generating quality traffic for your business.

Social Media has become a necessary hub for your customers to learn more about you and your products, share experiences, and receive support.

But social media can and should also drive sales, in fact social media is a major influencer through social proof, and therefore needs to be a major part of your strategy and measurement for success.

Social Media Marketing Success

When you look at social media as a strategy, it’s important to understand that social media in itself plays three key roles;

#1 Traffic – Leads new visitors to your website, offers, and services. The ability to gain more traffic through “sharing” of information adds a viral component to this strategy.

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Social Media Optimization

#2 Branding – As a platform to communicate your authority on your product or service goes beyond the capabilities of most marketing channels. Used properly, social media can give the greatest venue, to build credibility, authority in your niche, and raving fans.

#3 Transparency – In todays information world, you’re either leading the conversation, or you’re a victim of it. Using social media strategically, you can offer support for your products, education for your potential customers, support your sales process, and offer communication on demand to those whom are interested.

Understanding the goals of each part allows you to set up social media metrics for measuring development of your social media marketing strategy and campaign implementation. The metrics will vary for each part of the strategy, but much like any other marketing strategy, must be measured to be improved.

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