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Search Engine Optimization Service

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to be found on page one of Google and other major search engines. A clear understanding that search engines want to deliver quality content is a key first step to improving your results. Success then comes from apply a sequence of strategic steps consistently that lead you to higher rankings.

The Challenge You Face In Your Business

  • Your Business IS NOT being found on Google
  • Your Organic Traffic IS NOT Converting to Leads and Sales

Search Engine Optimization Reality..

Your customer is searching for your product or service right now. In todays busy world, people rarely look beyond page one to find a solution to their problem.

Your business ranking in the top three positions of page one for a highly related keyword can produce significant quality traffic to your website, driving sales and lead growth.


Our Philosophy to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful “attraction” marketing strategy. However SEO should be a strategic part of a much larger encompassing strategy. Prior to implementing any digital marketing strategy, it is wise to evaluate expectations and determine the best course of action for the greatest return on investment. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with a no obligation consultation.

Complete SEO Service

Our search engine optimization service (SEO) includes all the necessary components to a successful campaign, and include the following.


Content Strategy

Content Management

Content is critical in attracting the quality links necessary today to drive ranking. From blogs, to articles, press releases, guest posts and more, content is king and we have you covered. From creation to distribution, we will do all the heavy lifting.


OnPage Optimization

Your website has two key functions. One is to inform your potential customer of your services in a way that leads to sales. The second is the unseen portion that the search engines rely on in determining what you’re about and what type of experience a visitor to your website will have. Some of this experience will depend on their device, their browser, and their internet connection. It’s our job to make sure, the search engine and the user like what they see.

OnPage Optimization


Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

When it comes to off-page optimization, think of the internet as a massive networking event. There are two main objectives. Quantity and quality. The best results will come from a strategic balance of both, and consistent growth. From link building to directories to press releases, off-page optimization creates the momentum needed for the search engines to take notice and you to benefit.



Consistency is key to increasing organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization. To stand above the thousands of sites vying for page one of the search engine takes quality, a strong plan, and consistent implementation. From content to distribution, from competitive analysis to to rank monitoring, consistency is at the foundation of all that we do.

Consistant Quality



Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • Improve quality traffic to your website,
  • Build brand awareness and connection with your audience,
  • Enhance reputation as a leader in your niche,
  • Drive new leads and sales growth!

SEO Packages

SEO Local
  • Great for businesses looking to be found for one location. Mobile and Desktop focussed.


  • Regional and National optimization. Great for businesses looking to drive traffic from larger regions and nationally.


SEO Enterprise
  • Companies who are doing business internationally, with higher traffic needs.




We felt a high level of trust from the start and even more so as we saw how they were quick to respond to our inquiries, were attentive to our needs, and delivered on what they said they would.”

Michele Kadwell-Chalmers

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The Next Step to be Found on the Search Engines

The next step to being found on the search engines, and improve your bottom line is to schedule a no obligation phone consultation. Contact us today to discuss your marketing and measurement needs, challenges, and goals.



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