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PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management on such platforms as Google Adwords Search and Display, FaceBook Adverting, Bing, and LinkedIn among others is the fastest way to drive quality new traffic to your business. The advantage to professionally managed ppc campaigns is continuously improving lead and sale conversion.


The Challenge You Face In Your Business

  • Sufficient Time and Expertise to properly manage campaign results
  • High Conversion Costs
  • Low Lead and Sale performance
  • Premature Exhausted Budgets

PPC Management Reality..

Driving traffic from digital advertising is easy. In fact anyone can do it. The challenge is driving the right quality traffic that generates leads and sales.

The complexity of this ever changing medium continues to progress and the buying psychological behaviour of your ideal client continues to evolve.


Google Adwords Management

FaceBook Ads

LinkedIn Advertising

Bing Advertising


Our Philosophy to Digital Advertising Management

Digital Advertising can be the most affordable advertising a business can utilize. The key is to treat the cost of every click as our own, and relentlessly pursue the quality that drives tangible results. 

PPC Campaign Management Process

The process of optimizing digital advertising campaigns is a 3 step process. Regardless of the network, each campaign begins with clearly defined objectives to base the strategy on. Success is measured from these objectives.


Step 1: Define Objectives and Metrics for Campaign

  • Define conversion objectives
  • Outline targeting parameters
  • Establish base metrics
  • Pre-define campaign budgets

Step 2: Research and Design

  • Keyword and Placement Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Display Ad Design
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Evaluate and Design Landing Pages

Step 3: Manage and Optimize Campaigns

  • Manage and Refine Bidding
  • Manage and Refine Targeting
  • Refine Ad Copy
  • Refine Landing Pages
  • Refine Keyword  and Placement Targeting
  • Management Reporting

Benefits of Digital Advertising and PPC Management

  • Lower Advertising Cost Per Conversion (Sale and Leads)
  • Higher Sale and Lead Volume
  • Consistently Improving Metrics
  • Immediate Results
Digital Advertising Management Local
  • Advertising Management for small businesses looking to scale up their digital advertising


Digital Advertising Management SMB
  • Advertising Management for larger multi-channel digital campaigns

15%/Ad Spend

The Next Step to Growing Sales Today

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