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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization, known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of improving your marketing and website results. If your business is looking to generate more leads, increase sales, ignite higher engagement, or increase foot traffic to your physical location, CRO will be your guide.

Applying Conversion Optimization is a 3-step process. Beginning with an audit of your Google Analytics data, your business will have a clear understanding of where you need to focus to generate the greatest results on your efforts (ROI).

Conversion Optimization evaluates your marketing efforts and website design components, which lead to higher conversions. There is simply no other strategy that can generate anywhere near comparable results than Conversion Rate Optimization while maintaining current costs.

Conversion Optimization ROI

Conversion Optimization Process

Step 1:  Identify through a Detailed Google Analytics Audit:

  • Your best/worst performing website pages (user experience)
  • Your best/worst traffic sources (marketing performance)
  • Identify website technical issues affecting conversions
  • Debug website technical issues affecting user experience
  • Isolate top performing navigational paths
  • Highlight marketing bottlenecks
  • Highlight conversion bottlenecks
  • Evaluate contributing marketing sources (attribution models highlighting the roles your marketing is playing)

Step 2: Optimize Reporting for Improved Future Analysis and Current Performance:

  • Google Analytics Setup Review
  • Creation of Management Dashboards within Google Analytics
  • Creation of Management and Job Role/Vendor Accountability Views within Google Analytics
  • Create Targeted Audience Segments within Google Analytics
  • Create Objective Based Goals within Google Analytics
  • Implement Google Product Linking (i.e. Adwords, Search Console, etc) to provide a 360 degree view of your marketing efforts

Step 3: Deliver the Audit Report Outlining:

  • Your current situation based on your data within Google Analytics
  • Your next recommended steps –  High/Medium/Low priority actionable tasks
  • Website edits/updates recommendations
  • Content edits/updates recommendations
  • Navigation edits/updates recommendations
  • Conversion path edits/updates recommendations
  • Marketing focus/review recommendations
  • Consultation call to review the report and address any questions

Who Will Benefit From a Conversion Optimization Audit with Google Analytics

Businesses that are actively using digital marketing strategies to grow their business will benefit from a Conversion Audit. Regardless of size, or traffic volume , a CRO audit will help realign focus and objectives for your digital marketing strategies. This allows you to identify what focus, energy, and resources will generate your greatest return.

Many companies use the audit as an external opinion on performance, generating new ideas and perspective on results.

Since the your audit is an independent unbiased view of your data, any emotional connection or perspective which is too close to the business is removed. However as a result of our team analyzing countless businesses and industry categories, we’re able to deliver final results that benefit you from this broad experience.

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