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Search Engine Optimization Certification

Search Engine Optimization Certification

Being found on Google organically for the right key-phrases can have a significant impact on a business’s leads and sales. This is a role that is best a blending of internal and contracted resources, but should never be approached blindly. Create and implement an SEO strategy that is accountable and drives bottom line results. As a key training requirement to the iGSM Digital Marketing Certification program, clearly defining an SEO strategy based on quality ethical practices is critical to long term results and success.

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Search Engine Optimization Certification Course Overview

Updated for 2017, this Search Engine Optimization Certification course is designed to help you create a strategic SEO strategy, implement all the necessary components, and manage an internal and external teams performance. Popular software which we will focus for analysis and research include Google Search Console and Moz Pro subscriptions.  Although most SEO measurement tools will suffice, there are certain functions which are required. Contact us to discuss the software resources and needs.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training you will be able to confidently;

  • Complete competitive SEO research and analysis
  • Define an effective content management plan
  • Evaluate on-page optimization factors
  • Define an off-page optimization strategy
  • Setup base metrics for evaluation
  • Setup progress evaluation dashboards

Course Outline

The Search Engine Optimization Certification program can be delivered online or on-site with a combination of online support training. Depending on how it is delivered will determine the schedule of sessions noted below. The program is customizable based on your companies needs and time restraints. On-Site training is typically delivered over a two day period. Beyond the training period, the course includes 2 months of ongoing coaching and support to ensure maximum return.

Section 1 – Core Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Define objective Keywords based on search data analysis
  • Evaluate current site and position (SERP) condition
  • Identify issues in current site condition
  • Evaluate competitor sites
  • Competitive link research
  • Evaluate best performing industry leaders
  • Establish campaign goals

Section 2 – Content Strategy

  • Develop content strategy
  • Define resources and frequency
  • Outline weekly and monthly requirements
  • Evaluate current assets

Section 3 – On Page Optimization

  • Evaluate on-page condition
  • Implement SEO best practices
  • Evaluate and improve internal linking structure
  • Evaluate and improve site performance for search engines
  • Setup and configure search console

Section 4 – Off Page Optimization and Link Building

  • Evaluate Link condition
  • Disallow penalizing links
  • Implement Link strategy
  • Formulate all required templates

Section 5 – Performance

  • Setup and configure performance dashboards
  • Clearly identify key metrics
  • Schedule frequency reporting
  • Develop refinement strategy

Course Requirements

Mandatory Course Material:

  • Moz Pro (or comparable) subscription
  • Search Console Account
  • Google Analytics Account

You may also find it is useful to invest in:

  • Word processing software
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc)

Mac or PC (wifi enabled). Note that tablets are not powerful enough for this course.

Contact us today to register or discuss your company training needs, the Government Grant Programs available for funding and the Search Engine Optimization Certification program.