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Marketing Metrics and Optimization Certification

Marketing Metrics and Optimization Certification

The key to any successful marketing strategy is found in the numbers. Digital marketing provides business the best opportunity for success when you know the numbers, where to look for the data, and how to apply the data to marketing decisions. Optimization is the difference “hope marketing” and compounding success. As a key training requirement to the iGSM Digital Marketing Certification program, the course will dive deep into the marketing metrics you need to know and how to optimize for profitable strategies. This program can be taken on-site, online, or a combination of both.

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Marketing Metrics and Optimization Course Overview

Updated for 2017, the marketing metrics and optimization certification course is designed to take you from the basics where to find the data you need, to how to drill into the data to make next action steps that lead to compounding improvements. Using applications like Google Analytics, Optimize, Data Studio as well as advertising platform metrics and reporting, we’ll look at the complete data story of your business. From attraction, to user experience (UX), to conversion. Where to focus to gain the greatest return on investment.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training you will be able to confidently;

  • Navigate and utilize Google Analytics (application)
  • Navigate and utilize Optimize (application)
  • Evaluate your marketing strategies and performance
  • Evaluate your users experience with your business (UX)
  • Identify resistance points in conversion
  • Identify highest probable returns to focus efforts
  • Perform conversion audits
  • Define data based action steps
  • Run variant experiments

Course Outline

The Marketing Metrics and Optimization certification program can be delivered online or on-site with a combination of online support training. Depending on how it is delivered will determine the schedule of sessions noted below. The program is customizable based on your companies needs and time restraints. On-Site training is typically delivered over a three day period. Beyond the training period, the course includes 2 months of ongoing coaching and support to ensure maximum return.

Section 1 – Understanding Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Evaluate Google Analytics Setup and Configuration
  • Evaluate marketing strategies
  • Evaluate website performance and user experience (UX)
  • Define Conversions
  • Evaluate and Setup Attribution models
  • Create management dashboards

Section 2 – Marketing Analysis

  • Deep dive into marketing channel performance
  • Identify resistance points
  • Identify highest potential focus
  • Strategize next steps

Section 3 – User Experience (UX)

  • Deep dive into website design user experience (uxd)
  • Evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Identify best navigational paths
  • Identify design bottle necks
  • Strategize Next Steps

Section 4 – Conversion Optimization

  • Segment and define traffic sources
  • Identify resistance points
  • Evaluate potential ROI on resistance
  • Strategize action steps and optimization plan
  • Establish variable testing

Course Requirements

Mandatory Course Material:

  • Google Account
  • Google Analytics account and Setup

You may also find it is useful to invest in:

  • Advertising account access for analysis

Mac or PC (wifi enabled). Note that tablets are not powerful enough for this course.

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