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Digital Advertising Certification

Digital Advertising Certification – PPC Management

Digital Advertising whether it is Google Adwords, FaceBook Marketing, Linkedin Messaging, is the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your business and offers. As a key training requirement to the iGSM Digital Marketing Certification program, the course will explore how to create, manage and refine your paid advertising campaigns to a profitable strategy. This program can be taken on-site, online, or a combination of both.

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Digital Advertising Certification Course Overview

Updated for 2017, the digital advertising certification course is designed to take you from the beginning stages of crafting a paid advertising strategy, to effectively managing and optimizing  the strategy to a profitable ROI. We will focus on the major paid campaign channels including Google Adwords, the Display Network, FaceBook Advertising, and LinkedIn. Wether you are currently running paid advertising campaigns or are looking to improve your results, this certification course will open your eyes to strategies, tools, and techniques that transform campaigns into major business growth strategies.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training you will be able to confidently;

  • Create Google Adwords Search Campaigns
  • Create Display Network Campaigns
  • Create LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns
  • Create FaceBook Campaigns
  • Optimize Campaigns for Performance Improvements
  • Amplify Results with Retargeting Campaigns
  • Create Compelling Ad Copy
  • Define and manage appropriate budgets
  • Micro target your ideal clients
  • Navigate and utilize the tools of Google Adwords, FaceBook Power Editor, and Linked Ad Manager

Course Outline

The Digital Advertising Certification program can be delivered online or on-site with a combination of online support training. Depending on how it is delivered will determine the schedule of sessions noted below. The program is customizable based on your companies needs and time restraints. On-Site training is typically delivered over a three day period. Beyond the training period, the course includes 2 months of ongoing coaching and support to ensure maximum return.

Section 1 – Targeting and Prospect Psychology

  • Define and clearly target your ideal prospect
  • Outline your buyers purchasing journey
  • Unifying sales cycle to marketing strategy
  • Develop Digital Advertising Strategy

Section 2 – Components of Great Ads

  • Advertising copywriting techniques
  • Image optimization
  • Calls to Action
  • Experimenting and its components

Section 3 – FaceBook Power Editor

  • Creating ad campaigns
  • Creating Custom Audiences
  • Targeting and Retargeting
  • Campaign and Conversion Optimization

Section 4 – LinkedIn Ad Manager

  • Creating ad campaigns
  • Messaging vs Display vs Text campaigns
  • Targeting
  • Campaign and Conversion Optimization

Section 5 – Google Adwords

  • Creating ad campaigns
  • Creating Custom Audiences
  • Targeting and Retargeting
  • Campaign and Conversion Optimization

Section 6 – Display Network

  • Creating ad campaigns
  • Targeting
  • Campaign and Conversion Optimization

Section 7 – Metrics and Optimizing your Results

  • Ad Optimization vs Conversion Optimization
  • Conversion Analysis

Course Requirements

Mandatory Course Material:

  • Course Manual 
  • Access to Online Training Portal

You will also need to setup free accounts with Facebook, Linkedin, and Google.

You may also find it is useful to invest in:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc)

Mac or PC (wifi enabled). Note that tablets are not powerful enough for this course.

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