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iGSM Digital Marketing Certification

iGSM Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing is a strategy that uses interactive online channels and data that builds awareness, increases traffic, improves engagement that transforms higher conversion of leads into sales. Our digital marketing certification program was designed to give trainees not only the what to do, but furthermore the hands on experience to create and execute a highly profitable digital marketing strategy.

Government Grant Programs for Employers

Did you know that training your employees in digital marketing is now a government priority? Up to 100% of your training can be covered on any of our digital marketing certification courses. Contact us to learn more.

iGSM Digital Marketing Certification is for the business owner who wants to train their staff or the employee who wants to sky rocket their market value through a comprehensive set of digital marketing courses.
All of our training programs are designed to deliver a complete turn-key solution that allows your organization to be thoroughly trained and a solution fully implemented.

Why Have Your Employees Certified

This is actionable learning which translates into immediate ROI for the employer. By having a clear understanding of all the variables affecting marketing results matched with precise measurement strategies, your team is able to perform at its best leading to increased revenue and bottom line profits.

Beyond individual duties, each employee is qualified to assist in all areas of digital marketing, which leads to more effective strategies through group thinking processes.

Especially relevant when outsourcing some of your marketing duties, the ability internally to set and hold accountability to those vendors means better results from current providers.

Attendees Will Learn How To:

  • Define, Identify and position your ideal client
  • Attract more of your ideal clients to your products and services through multiple channels
  • Refine Attraction strategies to increase ROI
  • Build and refine high-converting landing pages
  • Build a profitable email list
  • Mine customer data
  • Identify and Segment your best leads
  • Automate communications
  • Increase engagement and brand loyalty

  • Utilize powerful Attraction strategies like Google Adwords and Facebook
  • Engage in social media remarketing
  • Define and implement channel based social media strategies
  • Employ Search Engine strategies to increase Search Engine Ranking
  • Define and implement a cohesive content marketing strategy
  • Perform conversion rate optimization analysis
  • Define and implement customer lifecycle strategies
  • Clearly communicate defined metrics and results
  • Strategize complete marketing campaigns and sequences

Why the iGSM Certification Program

The iGSM Certification program was developed from over 13 years of providing digital marketing and consulting services to companies around the world and identifying a severe disconnect between strategy and application.

Today businesses globally have the ability to apply digital strategies quite simply and often with minimal initial cost. Because of this ease of access and low barrier of entry, unfortunately this has resulted in a failure rate of over 90% of online marketing initiatives. This failure has as a result caused companies to turn to “marketing experts” with little to no idea or process or measurement. Leading to a continued +90% failure rate.

The iGSM certification program puts the control and accountability in the right place – your business. The program will guide you to creating a strategy that will work for your business, a refinement process to ensure success, and the myriad of channels at your disposal to accomplish your goals.

iGSM Certified Marketers, are the best in the business, highly trained and effective at driving the results businesses need in this new competitive digital age.

The iGSM Certification is earned through successful completion of SIX intensive digital marketing courses which can be completed onsite, online or a combination of both. To learn more about obtaining your iGSM Digital Marketing Certification call us directly at 1-877-801-4090 or click to schedule a call.

Outline of iGSM Certification Courses

Social Media Strategy and Deployment Certification

Full 2-Day Certification

Social media is now playing a key role in the success or failure of a business’s marketing strategy. In this certification course we identify all the necessary components that make up a social media strategy, the pitfalls to pay caution to, and the process of developing and implementing your company’s strategy.

Learn more here.

Digital Advertising Certification

Full 3-Day Certification

Digital Advertising whether it is Google Adwords, FaceBook Marketing, Linkedin Messaging, is the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your business and offers. Understanding how to create, manage and refine your campaigns is critical to successful implementation and a profitable strategy. 

Learn more here.

Marketing Automation Certification

Full 2-Day Certification

With available time and resources being stretched, the ability to utilize powerful tools and automation techniques where possible today is absolutely essential. Knowing when, where and how to automate, to provide an engaging experience allows you to focus on your business, while your marketing spins 24/7. 

Learn more here.

Content Marketing Certification

Full 2-Day Certification

Content marketing can be attributed to some of the highest conversion rates ever seen in marketing. But content marketing goes beyond copywriting to images, graphics, slide presentations and more. A strong strategy compounds, and has a marketing shelf life far greater than most other strategies. 

Learn more here.

Search Engine Optimization Certification

Full 2-Day Certification

Being found on Google organically for the right key-phrases can have a significant impact on a business’s leads and sales. This is a role that is best a blending of internal and contracted resources, but should never be approached blindly. Create and implement an SEO strategy that is accountable and drives bottom line results. 

Learn more here.

Marketing Metrics and Optimization Certification

Full 3-Day Certification

The key to any successful marketing strategy is found in the numbers. Digital marketing provides business the best opportunity for success when you know the numbers, where to look for the data, and how to apply the data to marketing decisions. Optimization is the difference “hope marketing” and compounding success.  

Learn more here.

Course Requirements

Mac or PC (wifi enabled). Note that tablets are not powerful enough for this course.

Contact us today to discuss your company training needs, the Government Grant Programs available for funding and the iGSM Digital Marketing Certification program.