Google Analytics Training

It’s Time to Change How You Make Marketing Decisions

Online Training
Duration: Delivered over 4-week period
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Tuition: $195.00
Start Date: Monday Sep 11th, 2017

An all encompassing training. Google Analytics helps businesses make better marketing decisions that lead to higher revenues and lower costs. Google Analytics guides design changes that increase conversions.

Online Course Overview

This course is a must in today’s competitive business environment, as marketers have at their disposal almost unlimited options for bringing awareness and driving results for their business. The need to measure and identify whats working from marketing channels, to content and design factors, has never been more critical in developing successful campaigns that return high conversions and business growth.

The Google Analytics training program takes a complicated topic and breaks it down into easy to digest 5 to 10 minute in length video lessons, that any marketer with the desire to improve their results can learn and benefit from. Each weeks module is supported with direct email support from our certified analytics training team, compounded with weekly coaching coaching calls, where students can connect live with our training team and expand on their learning.

Course Objectives

At the end of participating in this course, you will be able to;

  • Competently use Google Analytics to evaluate your marketing efforts
  • Identify potential design problems within your website affecting conversion results
  • Make marketing decisions based on concrete data


  • Professional live weekly coaching calls with Analytics trainers
  • Unlimited technical email support to help you every step of your learning journey (1 year)
  • Progressive training from basic to advanced
  • Certification testing to ensure comprehension


  • Video based training that is available 24/7 from any internet connected device
  • Flexible schedule. Learn at your own pace.
  • No travel time/costs.
  • Interactive training experience with our certified analysts
  • Online certification in Google Analytics training (part of our iGSM Marketing Certification program) upon successful completion of all course requirements.

Course Requirements

The Google Analytics training program is designed to help marketers develop analysis skills needed to apply data based decisions on marketing and design changes geared to improve results. Students need to have access to their Google Analytics account for maximum benefit while reviewing course material.

Coursework includes optional comprehension testing at the conclusion of each module. Students must achieve a final overall mark of 80% in order to qualify for a certificate pass.


This course strives to simplify a complex topic so any marketer can benefit from data analysis. Each weeks module is comprised of multiple short (5 to 10 minute sessions) video-based presentations mostly of actual Google Analytics interface work and optional comprehension testing. On average we recommend 1.5 to 3 hours each week to complete the coursework.

Course Outline

Google Analytics training program consists of instructor recorded videos, Google Analytics interface desktop view, integrated discussion monitoring and comprehension testing. This course also includes unlimited email coaching support, which students have the opportunity to ask direct questions to the trainers.

The following is a general outline of the course content:

Introduction to Google Analytics:

  • Interface Overview
  • Admin functions and setup considerations
  • Profile management
  • Audience overview

Total Video Footage: 2h : 12m | Esitmated Training Time: 3 hours

Student Takeaways

Upon completion of this module, you will be comfortable with the navigation and interface of Google Analytics. You will have a basic understanding of setup, a grasp of your audience and competitive metrics.

Online Training
Duration: Delivered over 4-week period
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Tuition: $195.00

If you’re looking to refine how to tie Web analytics to your ad buys and marketing plans, this course is a MUST.

Doug Hooper

The information is great–no fantastic!

Gregory Ledger


Is there an ongoing monthly fee to access the Google Analytics Training?

No, your access to the course is a one time charge.

Do I need to be a technical person to benefit and understand the training?

Definitely not! We start from the basics and walk with you through each module. The idea is NOT to become a professional analyst, but be able to make better informed marketing decisions based on your data.

How long do I have to complete the course?

There is no time limit; however, new modules are released each week and to progress to the next module, you must score 80% or greater to ensure you are comfortable with the information learned.

Is there a certificate of completion provided?

Yes! In fact the Google Analytics training certificate is a mandatory certificate for our iGSM Marketing Certification program.

Do you provide multi user access?

Each course registration provide one user license. For companies with 5 or more registrants, please contact us for information on our corporate programs.

I have more questions?

Please contact us with any additional questions. We’re here to help.