Would You Give A Stranger The Keys To Your Store?

So I drop by your business and tell you I’m a professional marketer who merchandises stores and in turn the changes i create will increase your sales dramatically. Obviously the more effective your store can be, the more business you’ll do and the greater the opportunity to profit, right?

Frankly your expertise is in widgets, not laying out stores for effectively increasing sales. However, you must have been doing something right – after all you’ve been in business for many years. Besides paying someone to change the store around is like a band aid right? Wouldn’t it be better to learn what changes you should do, and why those changes should be made? Then this information could benefit you for years to come. What changes do I make next month to keep things fresh and moving?

Your website is your store. Regardless of whether you sell items from it or not, the website much like your store has a purpose, and the better it does it’s job the more sales or leads it will produce. So why blindly hand over the design, edits, and management of your website to a stranger? Ok, maybe there is some technical know-how that is beyond your current ability and frankly you probably don’t want to become a programmer; however, the amazing part about technology and all the advancements in the area of web design is that you don’t need to be a programmer anymore to achieve great results.

How To Make a Website For Free

If you’re going to hand the keys over to the merchandiser, then you better have a handle on what and why certain things are being done. Otherwise you will be constantly calling upon that merchandiser for help, because you won’t know how to do it yourself.

Your website is no different. You can create your own quality website today for free. You can engage professional services for minimal components that you control. You can manage and update your site internally without a geek degree (no offense, I’m a geek). You simply need the right training and guidance.

Our eLearning team feels pretty strong about this too, and thus has created a mini course to help you learn the basics, and to put you in a position in which you can create your own website from scratch or improve on your current design. To subscribe, go to How To Make A Website For Free and register your email address for immediate access.

Below I Created a YouTube Video promoting the free training. Check it out, and then head to the site and register.

The design is based in WordPress which I strongly advocate for most businesses.

As an owner of your business, do you manage your own website?

Genesis Framework for WordPress

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