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Top 5 SEO Tools for Small to Midsize Businesses

Top 5 SEO Tools for Small to Midsize Businesses

In a world where content is king or email is the easiest way to stay in contact with your leads, do you still need SEO?

The short answer is yes.

According to Neil Patel, one can define SEO or search engine optimization as the “process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.”

Search Engine Optimization Tools

SEO is the first step to getting potential leads to your website. It not only allows you to rank highly for search terms in your niche, but it also increases the visibility of your website, leading to a higher number of visitors (and therefore conversions) to your actual website.

Ranking highly also makes your business seem like the expert. Websites with great ratings and high ranking pages are trusted more, which can have an influence on why your potential leads choose your company over the next.

Since over 90% of the online experience begins with the search engine, where you rank on Google can be the major deciding factor between a business that is booming and a business that is bankrupt. Google and your customers will begin to recognize your business as an authority in your market.

By providing relevant content with links and references that are useful to your audience, unique and relevant page titles, as well as well labeled images and well-written content, Google will rank your site higher and your audience will be more likely to stay and convert into buying customers.

However, ranking highly can feel impossible when you are a small or mid-sized company competing against the giant corporations who have huge teams working solely on the site rankings. Even when you have a basic understanding of SEO, it can be difficult to get your site to page one, let alone the top of the page.

It is important to use effective tools and strategies to help you improve your chance of achieving high rankings and boosting your search engine result.

Here are the top 5 Search Engine Optimization tools to help you on your SEO journey..

Seer SEO ToolBox

Seer SEO ToolBox is one of the best online marketing tools that is designed for marketers, not programmers. It provides in-house tools without needing the technical knowledge of programming code. If you can use the Sum () function, you have all you need.

It is recommended because it allows you to have all of your data in one place, even if you are pulling the data from a variety of sources. It is spreadsheet based to keep your information organized while still letting you to get your analytics quickly. It easily creates mashups because everything is located in one place and it allows your team to work on the same document since everyone has access to the same tools.


Moz provides a variety of tools such as keyword research, SEO Audits and Crawls, Rank Tracking, Backlink Research, and even an SEO Toolbar. The complete toolset helps you improve ranking and visibility by providing unique data. Their data is created through some of the industry-leading metrics like Page Authority and Domain authority to provide deeper insight into link equity.

This is a top SEO Tool because it helps you keep track of any changes in rankings while providing an understanding of your competition. It will save you time and help you streamline your workflow by breaking down the data so you can stay focused on adapting the strategy to your needs.

Keyword Map

Having the right keyword is key to search engine optimization. A key part of that is creating a keyword map which assigns keywords to a specific page on your website based on research. By taking the keywords you are trying to target and all of the content you already have, you can decide what new content you need to create and what keywords need to be targeted.

This is recommended because it will help you identify your priorities while organizing the keywords you have decided to target. You will not only have language on your site that matches the language of your customers, but it will help your customers find what they are looking for.

And a cool tool to help you along the way in your keyword mapping journey, is Wordtracker. It’s fairly simple to use, offering you more useable information than you anticipated, all aimed at helping you grow your business. Imagine having hundreds of high-performing keywords in a matter of minutes, based on real searches by real people, at your finger-tips and ready to use?


Not only is this tool one of the best site rank and link building tools but it also offers an analysis of the influential blogs and people in your niche. It not only provides access to the influencers in the niche, but it also pulls research and data from a wide variety of sources.

This is a great tool if you are looking to save time researching. Instead of organically searching the other sites in your niche for information, AuthoritySpy will do the work for you.


If you are looking to build your authority by creating backlinks to your website, Buzzstream is the tool for you. It provides outreach that is efficient but also personalized so it doesn’t sound like you are sending spam.

It is particularly perfect for those who want to spend more time building links and less time monitoring the spreadsheets. By providing research on prospects, site ranking information and influencer information, Buzzstream is a great tool to perfect your SEO strategy.


The best thing you can do for your SEO strategy is to implement these online marketing tools quickly and test which ones have the biggest influence.

Bonus Tip:

Are you measuring your current SEO successes and failures? If YES – what are you basing these decisions on? If NO – why not?

Think of it this way… “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” So don’t you think it’s time to change how you go about making your SEO and Marketing decisions? Give Google Analytics a try – not sure where to start… try a Free Introductory Google Analytics Training.

There are hundreds of different SEO tools. But if you spend your time testing all of them at once, you will lose time and money. The best thing you can do over the long run is to implement a strong SEO strategy and combine it with high-level SEO tools and quality content. Measure your progress, refine your strategy, rinse and repeat.

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