5 Reports To Stop Guessing At Your Website Results

I’m not sure about you and your business, but I know that for my businesses – I absolutely hate wasting money. In fact, I often would rather miss an opportunity than risk blindly jumping at something without some research or validation to support it.

I think that most business people would agree with the above paragraph, yet most businesses ignore this rule when operating online. Typically in talking with businesses I see two common trends:

  1. They spend money and resources on the Internet hoping it will help build their business, without a valid plan, or
  2. They don’t market online due to not knowing where or how to get the data they need to make validated decisions

In either case both of these situations can be simply resolved through utilizing Google Analytics. This is the quintessential tool which every business online should be utilizing at bare minimum. Best of all is it’s free, which really leaves no excuse as to whether or not you should have it.

Now we could spend weeks talking about the information Google Analytics will provide you, the incredible insight, and literally the road map it will lay down for you in building your business, but for simplicity sake, I’m going to give you at minimum some of the information you should be looking at today.

5 Key Reports

  1. Visitors Overview – How much traffic is coming to my website? From an investment perspective of time, effort and money, is it growing or shrinking compared to prior periods?
  2. Traffic Sources Overview – How is the traffic that comes to my website finding me? Is it a search engine, a social media channel, an email link, or any other myriad of marketing objectives?
  3. Navigation Summary – What is the traffic doing when they land on my website? For even more powerful insight – what is this traffic doing based on segmentation of where it originated from? **This is incredible intelligence!
  4. Top Content – What content seems to be “sticky”? In other words what content seems to keep the interest of my traffic?
  5. Goals – Even with these 4 basic points prior, you can improve your conversions. Which leads us to point 5 – What traffic is converting (sales or leads) at the highest rate? Now go get more of that traffic.

Hopefully you see that this type of intelligence can forever change your business. Imagine knowing specifically where to go to get more business in order to specifically focus your time and effort.

Google Analytics is absolutely an incredible tool. The most important tool you’ll have in your toolbox. However, it can be overwhelming and therefore sit under-capitalized. Those that use it, marvel at it’s power.

Are you using Google Analytics or a comparable tool? Tell me about your experience in a comment below.

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George Gill is the founder of GILL Solutions. He lives in Peterborough Canada, and is an avid learner, passionate trainer and speaker. For over 20+ years, he's helped businesses implement growth strategies and systems to consistently out perform their expectations. Measurement is always key!

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