5 Reasons To Combine SEO And Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

When you want to have a successful website in terms of higher conversion rates, you consider using both conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) since they reciprocally work together. SEO works towards driving traffic flow in and CRO improves the websites ability to direct the traffic generated through the conversion process. Combining the two strategies gives the best results since SEO and CRO are mutually exclusive, but closely related processes.

Online marketers can make high site rankings for a particular keyword through various SEO strategies which increases traffic to the site; CRO on the other hand targets this traffic for higher conversion rate. This connection makes it important to consider SEO strategies while utilizing conversion rate optimization.
SEO makes sure that more people visit your website, while CRO makes certain that all visitors to your website have the best customer experience. CRO and SEO produce better results when the marketer is able to define the target market, which in the end helps in the identification, and qualification potential clients. Below are some of the reasons to integrate SEO and CRO strategies.

1. Using Keywords Strategically

Optimizing your website has a direct relationship with the conversion rate. Keywords help produce better search results, which importantly assists site owners understand the visitors’ intent. Online marketers can improve the effectiveness of landing pages when they get the right traffic, and with a clear understanding of the real or potential client’s need it becomes faster and easier to direct site visitors through the conversion process. It also becomes clear which approach to use to complete the sales process.

2. Product or Service Related Strategies

Focusing on a particular product or services not only improves your site rankings, but also increases your conversion rate. This works well when promoting more than one product. Your marketing strategies should aim at promoting a particular product to avoid different products from competing against each other online. Your website should match your product or service offing a process supported through SEO conversely you should make sure that your site or landing page precisely directs visitors on what to do when they get what they are looking for on a particular page.

3. Having a Keyword Specific Subject Line

Online marketers can get higher conversion rates when they use clear, specific, relevant and compelling keyword-rich subject lines. The headline should match with the subject line used on the specific search engine results page. When the subject line matches with the one on the landing page it makes it simple for the visitor to know that they are on the right page, also outlining product or service benefits on the landing page or through the subject line can improve your conversion rate.

4. Have a Simple Conversion Process

The call to action should follow a simplified process as this increases the site visitor’s appetite to complete the buying process or go to the next step. Increasing your site visibility online and having an effective conversion process leads to the much-needed success.

5. Test the Success Rate

It is important to check if the SEO and CRO strategies give your site visitors the best customer experience as this is another selling point. You can measure the success rate through the quality level of visitors on your landing page. In a nut shell, your site should rank highly on the search engines, with the simplest conversion process.

CRO is important for a better return on investment which is one of the top most considerations for online marketing however; you cannot make sales without quality traffic to your site.


About the Author:  Sam is a blogger and Internet marketer with a background in SEO. He is also proficient in landing page testing in order to make changes to improve overall site conversion optimization efforts.

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