3 Questions To Ask Before Website Redesign

It’s boring, it’s a year old, it’s ugly, and I wish I could do this on it, blah, blah, blah! Seriously why do you want to do a website redesign? You might be right, it might be ugly, it might be outdated or it might have been the worst marketing investment you ever made. However, before investing in a whole new problem, first you should ask some very important questions that you may not have asked the first time around. To be completely frank, if you’re not asking these three questions then a website redesign is wasting money, period!

1: What is the purpose of your website? No really what did you expect when you built it? Leads, Sales, Branding, Web based Customer Support, Ego boost, what? If you can’t answer that question, how do you really know you need to spend the money, time, or both to re-do it. Get clear about the purpose of your website. Once you’re clear then answer the next question..

2. Does your current website do what you expected? If you invested in your website to drive new leads to your business, are you getting leads? Do you track this information with tools such as Google Analytics to determine leads that are generated from your site? Were you looking for sales? Is that happening? Often clients come to us looking to do a website redesign because their websites not working for them. It’s not giving them what they expected, and they had expectations! However, they don’t really know if it’s the website that’s broken or whether it’s something else. This leads us to question three…

3. Does Analytics agree with your decision to redo your website? Some people get question number one. In fact many start out with the first question crystal clear. I want the internet to change my business forever, and so they build it! Then question two comes along and they are clearly disappointed. The internet is broken; it doesn’t work for my company and on and on. This is where question three is really critical. When we examine analytics we can understand all aspects of our online presence. Now I don’t want to turn this post into an analytics training (future ones coming – subscribe to our email to be notified of new trainings), but simply put, if no traffic is coming to your site, or the “wrong” traffic is coming to your site, and as a result you’re not getting what you expected, then re-doing your website will not solve this problem.

We have all been guilty of looking at something day in and day out and getting a little tired of it, I know I sure have. Frankly the home renovation business counts on it. Certainly fine tuning a website to perform better is critical, but should not be a project, but rather a daily, or weekly task that is a part of your marketing strategy. With analytics, your able to zone in on where and what should be fine tuned. Much like you would adjust your shelves or your showroom to hi-lite different products. A website should be an ongoing task. Every once and a while, it’s time to do a rebuild for the right reasons. Answer the above questions and you’ll be far ahead of most, and likely end up with better results.

We encourage and welcome your comments below. Tell us about your website or maybe re-design you went through. We value the input and try to respond to all comments.

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George Gill is the founder of GILL Solutions. He lives in Peterborough Canada, and is an avid learner, passionate trainer and speaker. For over 20+ years, he's helped businesses implement growth strategies and systems to consistently out perform their expectations. Measurement is always key!

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