Google Analytics Workshop

Why Your Marketing Struggles to Achieve the Results You Aim For

I recently spoke on Digital Marketing to a Business Roundtable Group in New York City on how to grow your business with the power of Digital Marketing. It was a great event, with lots of exciting conversations spurring from the presentation. In fact, one thing I love about live events are these conversations. They provide […]

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Marketing Strategies

50% of All Marketing Works

It’s a common belief in the marketing industry, that 50% of all marketing strategies work! The challenge is, which 50% is it! What makes a successfully developed campaign or strategy from your marketing team super successful? Why can a team that constructs a successful marketing strategy once, fail to achieve the same kind of results the next go […]

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Big Box Competition

Taking on the Big Dogs – How to Compete Against Corporate Giants in the Hearing Instrument Business

In today’s Big Box world of giant retailers, many small retailers have come up against what seems to be insurmountable odds. There seems to be no industry safe from the impact of the “big guy”. So today I thought we would discuss an industry not often considered when thinking of Big Box competition, the hearing instrument […]

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Customer Acquisition Cost

2 Key Acronyms to Measure In Your Business

In the marketing world, we deal with a lot of acronyms. Sometimes there are so many letters flying about that it becomes difficult to assign meaning to them. If you struggle with this, you’re not alone. CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) are two especially challenging ones that many businesspeople have a […]

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competition research

What You Can Learn By Studying Your Competition

Sometimes entrepreneurs and marketing professionals get so hung up on their own strategy that they forget there are others out there in the same industry. Unless your business is one-of-a-kind (and how likely is that, really?), you have competitors. You don’t operate in a vacuum, so your marketing strategy shouldn’t be constructed in a vacuum. […]

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Sales Pitch

6 Keys to a Compelling Sales Pitch

A good marketing strategy revolves around much more than short-term sales numbers. You have to think about long-term factors like brand awareness, customer loyalty, and more. However, you won’t keep afloat to focus on those long-term goals if you don’t make sales now. To hit those sales goals, you’ll need a sales pitch that is […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which Should You Use for Business?

If you’re in business—then digital marketing most probably occupies your mind most of the time. After all, marketing will play a major role in how effective your business grows or shrinks. And the more tested and efficient your methods are—the more profitable (and successful) things are bound to be. In this post we are going […]

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